Often in life, our response to something, or our expectation of how things will occur, is automatic – based on years of habit and pre-conceived notions.

Look at the way we perceive an ordinary tree, for instance. Typically, we think of a tree as a shape that sits above the surface of the earth – a trunk, branches and leaves – without giving much thought to the large and complex root system that lies beneath it.  In reality, however, the roots are a crucial – albeit far less obvious – part of the overall picture.

Taking the time to think about the finer details and the broader picture requires a conscious effort. Being able to see the wood – not just the individual trees – requires a shift in your way of thinking.

It’s this broader perspective that drives Reform’s unique approach to design and construction.

Too often, we see developers engaging a construction firm to commence work on a project without taking a step back, conducting a thorough review of what was initially submitted for development approval, and working out if there are any potential cost or time savings…. or how risk could be minimised from the outset.

Usually, this happens because the contractors are engaged almost immediately after a building’s design has been approved via the typical design and construction lump-sum tender model.  Unfortunately, this means that often, potential risks aren’t fully understood, and opportunities to cut the overall budget – or the timeframe – may also be overlooked. This lack of clarity can also lead to greater costs – as “risk” is built-in to project fees.

At Reform, we take a different approach.  We believe that lump-sum tenders and blanket “risk contingency” fees shouldn’t have to be considered “normal”. Instead, we’ve built our business on more open, transparent principles, and on building incredibly strong relationships with our customers.

We believe strongly that the earlier we start working with you, the better your project outcomes will be. And we start every project by asking vital questions, such as:

  • Is this really the most efficient way to do this?
  • What would happen if we did this instead?
  • Is your current design the best possible way to get the results you’re after?

Our construction management model allows our experienced design and delivery team to review your project in detail, and provide specific recommendations for enhancing your outcomes, minimising risk and saving money.

When you become a Reform client, you also get access to our secure portal – through which you can access a full and transparent breakdown of every cost associated with your project. There are no unexpected surprises, and you can see – at a glance – where your budget is allocated and how it is tracking.

Plus, if unexpected problems occur, we will work with you to resolve them in the most cost and time effective way, every time.

Take a look at these recent examples:

In 2017, Reform worked on the luxurious Pavilions development at Freshwater on Sydney’s northern beaches. Early on in the project, we suggested that the proposed load-bearing AFS structure which featured a concrete roof, be switched to a pre-cast wall system with a steel truss roof.  In so doing, we cut four weeks from the overall development program, saved the client 10% on the overall structure budget, fast-tracked the settlement timing and developed a more durable, higher quality building.

We also recently took the lead on managing the in-house design and procuring third-party joinery for a current client and helped them reduce their joinery budget (across two projects) by 50%, while also eliminating time delays.

Similarly, we helped another client cut nearly 15% of their heritage timber re-installation budget for the IDA apartment development in Sydney’s Woolloomooloo, simply by providing an alternate solution for supporting the proposed truss system.

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Eddie Homsy – Design Director & Co-Founder